What is Exlee?

This is a way to help you get from one point of the internet to another with as little hindrance as possible. The Exlee browser extension and browser can fit into any user’s current internet surfing routine, and immediately enhance it.

OK, Sounds good, but do I have to pay for it?

You don’t have to pay a cent to enjoy all the full features of Exlee’s browsing enhancing tools. At first we considered a ‘freemium’ platform that would restrict some of the features that users could only access after paying a fee, but then we decided against this tact. Many of our competitors and fellow browsing extension companies were going in this direction, but we thought there was no better way to get the word out about Exlee than by making it free.

Does Exlee work with Facebook API?

Yes, absolutely. We’re pretty excited about this feature. When you add your Facebook account to your Exlee browser, it will automatically capture some of the most captivating posts from your Facebook News Feed, and then display it under the Facebook category in your homepage.

Not only is this just a cool feature, but we also think it will save our users a boatload of time online. This streamlines

How do you remove Exlee?

It’s a really easy, straightforward process. We are excited about Exlee’s features, but we understand that we can’t get everyone on board. Head over to our helpful removal instructions and follow the steps to remove Exlee.