Hello, we’re happy to welcome you to Exlee. We have a lot to cover, so we’ll get to all the necessary information as quickly as possible.


We have been analyzing vast amounts of data over the last few years, and we are leveraging it into creating an amazing browsing experience for all different kinds of users. Here is everything you need to know about Exlee, and then some.


Getting Around

The Exlee search box sits at the top of every web page you visit after you have downloaded the software. But as you’ll see soon, we have made it much easier than simply searching as a normal search engine would have you do. We aim to help you accomplish far more in every session that you venture into the web.



It’s easy to understand that the amount content on the Internet can be a lot to handle. To solve this problem, we took your collection of your favorite sites and made it simpler to access. If you remember, you can add one of these cool new sites to your Exlee homepage with just a click of the mouse. Once you choose the site, you can further organize it into categories of your choosing. You can find these selections when you open up a new tab or window in your browser.


So, make Exlee yours. Experiment with the different interfaces and settings to feel comfortable and ready to approach the web.


Searching while staying at home

With Exlee, your homepage follows you wherever you go. No matter which corner of the web you find yourself in, you can always start over and arrive back at your Exlee homepage just by opening a new tab or window. Every site that you add to your homepage will be saved in the cloud and appear there for you, ready when you want to access it again.


Appearance and feel of your homepage is also important. So for that reason, we gave you all the tools to make all kinds of pretty adjustments to your page to make it fit you. We encourage you to explore all the color changing, image arranging power at your finger tips.


The toolkit is another handy feature in the Exlee experience. We placed several of your preferred browsing destinations here to be available with just a click.


Naturally, in the spirit of speed and efficiency, we decided to place a search box in the toolkit so you don’t have to frantically manage many tabs to perform a simple search. Hopefully with all of your saved tabs on your homepage you won’t need to search as often, but it is there just in case.


Plus, if you like to stay abreast of current events on social media, we provided a section in Exlee that is devoted to your networks. You can easily synch up with the most popular networks, so you don’t have to check them so often–Exlee will display the most popular posts so you can stay engaged wherever you are.


Customer Service

So how does Exlee sound so far? We hope you are as excited as we are about the prospects of a faster and more efficient browser. What’s most exciting is that we have just provided the framework for a different way of getting around the web. The rest is up to you, the user, to make Exlee a living, breathing experience.


More than anything else, we want to hear about how you’re taking advantage of Exlee. We can only do so much testing on our own before running into the walls of our own biases. That’s why the Exlee experience is ultimately all about you. Our users are what make Exlee special.
But if you encounter any issues we recommend you head over to the Frequently Asked Questions page. There you can get more information about the formation of Exlee and how to get the most out of it.